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Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

The team of “keepers” of the Reteti Sanctuary is committed to saving, rehabilitating and caring for the abandoned elephants, along with other wild animals.

Why choose

Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, located in nearby Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy , is one of the first community-run organizations in Kenya.

The visit to the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary is unquestionably one of the best ways to safeguard the wildlife in the area: thanks to your presence, the local community will acquire the tools and means to carry out the mission of conservation and protection of wild species. Our guests will actively participate in exclusive activities such as feeding and caring for orphaned baby elephants and their recreation within the Sanctuary itself.

All income and taxes from tourism are reinvested in the purchase of infant formula, feeding bottles and of course medicines for the animals most in need.

Activities & Accommodations
Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

The "Northern Express" road easily joins the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary with Saruni as well as connecting Samburu with the Laikipia Plateau making travel from one location to another less time-consuming.

There are many reasons why you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the Reteti Sanctuary, one of them being responsible tourism: after all, the Sanctuary is fully managed and owned by the community. You will enjoy a totally immersive experience where you will fully participate in the care of baby elephants. To ensure an always intimate, non-distracting experience with the least impact on the animals housed here, visits to the Sanctuary are allowed only to small groups of people.

Last but not least, throughout the area you will notice a strong emancipation of women which makes the whole local community proud.

When to visit Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

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Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

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