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Namunyak Conservation Area

The landscape, flora, fauna and archaeological sites contribute to an authentic and unsurpassed experience in the wildest of Africa!

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Namunyak Conservation Area

The lands of the Namunyak Conservation Area include approximately 75,000 hectares close to the famous Mathews mountain range of northern Kenya. This is home to the Samburu people, timeless semi-nomadic shepherds who have always shared this fantastic habitat with wildlife.

The Samburu say they are one of the lost tribes of Israel, in fact the Jewish law and culture still have a strong echo within their lives; many of their stories are based on anecdotes from the Old Testament.

When elephants and black rhinos lived in abundance, Namunyak was a huge open grassland similar to today's Masai Mara . The main challenge for the local community became soon to maintain a balance between vegetation and wildlife. In fact, elephants and rhinos usually skin trees to feed on leaves and bark but often even eradicate them completely, compromising the growth of local vegetation.

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Namunyak Conservation Area

Unfortunately this area was not always dedicated to the conservation of wild species as it is now, in fact in 1989 it was the scene of a massacre of elephants and rhinos. In the following years, to commemorate this terrible event, The Sarara was created - a field managed by the Samburu community based in the reserve - with the aim of making the most of the tourism that was growing wildly in those years.

In the mid-1990s, the so-called "Trust" was also established to promote the conservation of wildlife and to help the local community benefit from tourism.

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