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Nairobi is the capital of Kenya and holds the distinction of the largest city in East Africa.

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Nairobi is located in the southwestern part of Kenya, adjacent to the eastern slope of the Great Rift Valley, at an altitude of 1661 m a.s.l. To the west of the city, the landscape is characterized by hills (Ngong) while Mount Kenya rises to the north and Kilimanjaro to the southeast. The Nairobi River and its tributaries wind through the city and in the northern part of the city it is still possible to see an area of ​​original forest, the forest of Karura; The altitude of Nairobi favors an overall mild climate. Since Nairobi is located near the equator, the temperatures between winter and summer fluctuate between 18 ° C minimum and 30 ° C maximum.

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With a population of over 4 million inhabitants, Nairobi is among the ten largest cities in the entire African continent and one of the most important from a political, cultural and economic point of view: in fact, Nairobi is home to several multinationals and internationally renowned production chains. .

Most of our safaris start and end in this beautiful city, so be prepared to visit one of Nairobi's must-see destinations: the National Park! Located next to the city center, here you will immediately come into contact with the first animals of the Savannah including the black rhino.

Nairobi enjoys a growing tourism / hospitality industry thanks to the growing demand from travelers who stop over in the city at the beginning or end of their Kenya itineraries. For many years, several internationally renowned hotel chains such as Holiday Inn and Hilton have been providing high-level hotels and fabulous rosorts to their customers.

For travelers looking for something new, another fundamental stop is the National Museum of Nairobi where you can admire the remains of a young homo erectus or the Art Galleries "Rahimtulla Museum of Modern Art" and the "Mzizi Arts Center ".

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Which Safari to choose to admire the Nairobi?

Choose one of these safaris if you want to visit this beautiful destination or find out how to customize your safari by contacting the Enjoycollectionsafari team.

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