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Mount Ololokwe

Mount Ololokwe represents the unique opportunity to visit one of the most fascinating natural landscapes that Samburu can offer thanks to its location: a real panoramic safari.

Why choose

Mount Ololokwe

Standing proudly, Mount Ololokwe , a huge rock formation visible from a long distance, is certainly an obligatory stop and a symbol of local culture, as well as being considered an exciting trekking adventure for many of its visitors. You will be constantly followed by our guides who will escort you along the hiking trails that go up this magnificent mountain.

The day begins at dawn, at the foot of Ololokwe. From here you will go up the sacred mountain along zigzag paths through acacia woods and shrubs, discovering its secrets and hidden natural wonders at every step. When you are about halfway, you can refresh yourself with a breakfast of fruit, eggs with bacon, tea and coffee.

Regain the necessary energy and continue your journey to the summit of Ololokwe where you can admire the amazing view of the land of Samburu, boundless plains that are lost on the horizon. In the distance, to the south, another peak famous throughout the country: Mount Kenya with the top almost always wrapped in clouds as if wearing a hat.

Although the rough terrain might suggest the absence of wild animals, on this mountain we can spot Leopards and even herds of elephants.

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Mount Ololokwe

Among other attractions in this area of ​​Kenya you can visit the Samburu National Reserve and countless conservation areas dedicated to the increasingly necessary protection of endangered species. Among these, the most famous is the Sanctuary of the elephants of Reteti .

The Surani, close cousins ​​of the Maasai, are a semi-nomadic local population dedicated to pastoralism and believe that on the top of Mount Ololokwe resides a divinity to whom prayers and propitiatory sacrifices are often addressed.

When to visit Mount Ololokwe

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Which Safari to choose to admire the Mount Ololokwe?

Choose one of these safaris if you want to visit this beautiful destination or find out how to customize your safari by contacting the Enjoycollectionsafari team.

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Mount Ololokwe

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