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Meru National Park

The Meru National Park offers direct contact with a totally wild nature immersed in a remote and enchanting atmosphere

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Meru National Park

Meru National Park, located in Kenya near the equator, was founded in 1968 and is located about 350 km from Nairobi, at an altitude between 1000 and 3400 m, covers a large area of ​​about 870 sq km.

The park, known for its fauna and natural beauty, offers a very diverse landscape: the northern part is made up of a wide hilly savannah dotted with palm trees and shrubs, which are transformed into dense forests close to the rivers. The region offers its visitors the chance to see a wide range of wild animals:
the Masaii giraffe and the reticulated giraffe , the Burchell's zebra , and that of Grevy , are just a few species that populate this wonderful natural oasis.

In addition to the classic “Big Five” (lion, elephant, leopard, rhino and buffalo) the park is home to numerous cheetahs, hippos, zebras, giraffes, crocodiles and warthogs. The lucky ones will also come across some rare antelopes, including the lesser kudu and the dik dik.

Absolutely not to be missed are the movements of the large herds of buffaloes, giraffes and gazelles. Meru National Park is home to around 300 species of birds, including the African finfoot or diving rail , the black kite, the African-pale harrier, the secretary bird and various species of kingfisher, bee-eaters, starlings, weavers, hornbills and ostriches.

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Meru National Park

The Meru National Park is famous throughout the world as the rediscovered habitat of the Lioness Elsa , a cub of a few weeks, saved from certain death by a couple of researchers who, after caring for her, put her back in freedom.

Their story was then made famous by the autobiographical novel “Born free” , which became a best-seller and was later followed by the film of the same name. Elsa, born in January 1956, died at the age of 5, in January 1961, of a disease called babesiosis, caused by a tick bite.

Elsa is buried in Meru National Park near George and Joy Adamson's former camp known as "Elsa's Camp". The park borders another beautiful natural area: the Bisanadi National Reserve , a real desert inaccessible to normal means of transport.

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Meru National Park

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