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Aberdare National Park

With its over 200 bird species, Aberdare offers the best places to stop and enjoy the surrounding landscape with a little Bird Watching.

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Aberdare National Park

Established in the 1950s with the aim of safeguarding the Aberdare mountain range and the surrounding fauna, it covers just 766 sq km, and is the smallest national park in Kenya.

Located about 100 km from Nairobi, the park presents a territory composed of wild moors, uncontaminated valleys, hills, small lakes with changing colors, dense forests, streams and waterfalls.

Although Aberdare is close to the equator, given its altitude, which is between 1750m and 4000m, the climate is very rainy and often foggy. Here we can find the second largest black rhino population, an endangered species. Other animals in the Park include elephants, leopards, baboons and black and white monkeys and over 250 species of birds.

Activities & Accommodations
Aberdare National Park

Besides the richness of wild nature, the park offers many activities for tourists. Our guides will show you the streams for trout fishing. Don't miss the spectacular Chania, Gura and Karuru waterfalls.

For the more athletic there is no shortage of nature walks with breathtaking panoramic views such as the Ol Donyo Lesatima and Kinangop peaks, from which you can observe Mount Kenya.

If you are staying at Ark Lodge or Treetops Lodge , thanks to their optimal position above the specially built irrigation ponds on the edge of the estate, it is possible to see the animals that go to drink.

The Treetops Lodge is a real tree house, accessible only via special ramps that bring the tenant several meters in height, safe from any danger.

Ark Lodge">Ark Lodge, so called because of its Ark (Noé) shape, is built on stilts, a construction technique still considered the best for the construction of shelters above ground level. A special detection device will signal the presence of animals in the illuminated irrigation basin with an audible acoustic signal in each room.

When to visit Aberdare National Park

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Which Safari to choose to admire the Aberdare National Park?

Choose one of these safaris if you want to visit this beautiful destination or find out how to customize your safari by contacting the Enjoycollectionsafari team.

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Aberdare National Park

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