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Shompole Conservancy Area


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Shompole Conservancy Area

Shompole Conservancy Area is located in a wild and remote corner of southern Kenya, between the Rift Valley lakes of Magadi to the east (in Kenya), Lake Natron to the south (Tanzania), the Nguruman Escarpment to the west and Olkiramatian Ranch to the north. The entire protected area, which covers an area of ​​over 62.000 hectares, was registered in 1979 and assigned to the Loodokilani Maasai community which today has more than 2000 inhabitants, contributes both to the safeguarding of this extraordinary natural habitat and to directly benefit the local community.

The journey to reach this destination is not the easiest but what awaits you upon arrival will make the difference: here you can admire isolated Maasai Villages, be enchanted by the spectacular views visible from the escarpments along the western Rift Valley wall and photographing wild animals that populate the area.

Shompole conservancy area has a generally dry climate, which tends to be arid between October and November and then becomes more humid in April and May. The flora has also adapted to these hard conditions and includes majestic acacia trees, thorny shrubs and a myriad of Salvadora Persica, a small evergreen tree typical of India, Middle East and Africa, also known as the "toothbrush tree" because of its twigs, used by the local community for their oral hygiene. Only in the depressions within the Rift Valley it is possible to come across green grasslands in contrast with the arid areas of the surrounding savannah.

From the forest of Mau, located in the northern part, the main water source of the entire area is born: the Ewaso Ng'iro river. Its waters give life to the whole area and continue along the river bed to then flow into Lake Natron. Along its banks, the vegetation changes radically, leaving room for a lush bush that often attracts specimens of wildlife such as giraffes, buffaloes, elephants and desert antelopes.

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Shompole Conservancy Area

The Shompole Conservation Area is certainly one of the hottest spots for biodiversity in the South Rift region as it is located among the major natural ecosystems of Kenya: the Masai Mara National Reserve and the Amboseli National Park.

The low rainfall (less than 500 mm per year) makes much of the ecosystem unsuitable for cultivation, but at the same time an ideal habitat for the conservation of biodiversity. To safeguard Shompole's wildlife, the local community actively participates in the so-called "Game Scouts", essential for patrolling the area and controlling the movements of local communities' herds and preventing the entry of poachers into the area. Thanks to this hard work in the last 3 years, only one elephant has been killed by poachers inside the conservation area.

Among the most popular excursions, you can't miss Shompole Hill. From its heights, thanks to its position on the northern edge of Lake Natron, you will be able to admire unforgettable views of the imposing delta from the southern Ewaso Ng'iro River, as it flows into the lake at the end of its long journey, more than 200 km from Mau Escarpment.

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