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Ngorongoro Conservative Area

Its immense crater is considered the eighth wonder of the world and a paradise for the species that populate it.

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Ngorongoro Conservative Area

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area covers a total area of ​​8,300 sq km. It is an autonomous conservation area in which the environment and the various ecosystems are preserved. It is not considered a full-fledged National Park, even though it became part of the UNESCO heritage since 1978 and has been recognized as an International Biosphere Reserve since 1981.

In this area we find several typical ecosystems including rainforests and montane grasslands. On the border with the Serengeti National Park we find vast grassy expanses full of life. Get ready to admire the famous Ngorongoro Crater (with an area of ​​265 sq km), the Crater Highlands with the Olmoti volcano , the Empakai Caldera and the Ngorongoro Plains to the North West which are an integral part of the Serengeti ecosystem.

The Ngorongoro Crater is a real natural wonder, its majesty really leaves you breathless. The crater measures approximately 20 km in width, 600 meters in depth and an area of ​​300 sq km. Ngorongoro is the largest non-flooded and uninterrupted volcanic caldera in the world. It can accommodate up to 30,000 animals at a time. At the bottom of the crater we distinguish different habitats including grasslands, swamps, lush forests and spring lakes.

A stream, the Munge River , constantly feeds the Makat lake in the center of the crater. Thanks to its climate and the abundance of food, the Ngorongoro crater favors the permanence of animals throughout the year.

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Ngorongoro Conservative Area

In the Ngorongoro crater you will have the opportunity to admire the black rhinoceros , an example in danger of extinction. Here and in a few other areas of Kenya and Tanzania this magnificent specimen is still able to reproduce in the wild. Get ready to also meet the leopard and the fabulous black-maned lions and flamingos attracted by the soda-rich waters of the lake.

In addition to the conservation objective of endangered species, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area has the task of preserving the environment for the Masai people diverted to this area from the Serengeti plains.
This timeless people build their temporary villages on circular farms called bomas . The Masai, proud herders of cattle, have a great history as warriors and, although they are no longer allowed to build villages within the conservation area, they continue to herd their cattle in the crater to graze, regardless of nearby predators.

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Ngorongoro Conservative Area

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