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Lake Magadi

The aerial photos of Lake Magadi draw a natural puzzle that changes tones over the course of the year. A true spectacle of nature for naturalists and photography enthusiasts.

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Lake Magadi

Lake Magadi , with a total area of ​​over 104 km², fed by natural alkaline springs, occupies the lowest level of the vast depression of the Rift Valley , more precisely in the southern part of Kenya, in the land of the Masai almost on the border with Tanzania and only 150 km from Lake Victoria .

The morphology and hostile climate of this region has forged the appearance of Lake Magadi, in fact it is located in a very hot and arid depression and is surrounded by volcanic hills.
The latter, over the millennia, have poured large quantities of sodium carbonate into the waters of the lake, giving it that shade ranging from pink to purple depending on the season and making this natural jewel one of a kind.

Few animal species have been able to survive in these conditions, in fact the waters of the lake can easily exceed 45°C. A good example of such organisms are the cichlid fish species. Another specimen capable of living in this hostile habitat is the pink flamingo which feeds almost exclusively on the algae that abound in this lake. Lake Magadi is famous all over the world for its wading birds including the pink flamingo and the pelican and in the cooler hours it is also possible to spot Giraffes, Gnu, Ostriches, Elephants and Lions.

Activities & Accommodations
Lake Magadi

For trekking enthusiasts there is a road that crosses Lake Magadi and provides access to the Nguruman Escarpment , a breathtaking viewpoint, where visitors can enjoy an incredible view of the landscape and swim in the natural pools under the falls at the base of the escarpment.

Lake Magadi has no emissaries, so it does not have a constant recycling of water and the high temperatures, especially during the dry season, cause evaporation to increase the concentration of salts.

This peculiarity was discovered by the first explorers in the early '900s and was soon fully exploited by the first colonizers who set up various industries on the shores of the lake for the extraction of sodium bicarbonate, salt and gypsum.
Today one of the most renowned extraction industries is Magadi Soda which extracts and refines sodium bicarbonate for the global pharmaceutical industry.

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