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Lake Baringo and Bogoria

Lake Baringo is pure and full of life, while its alkaline and lethal neighbor Bogoria leaves no room for much of the local flora and fauna.

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Lake Baringo and Bogoria

The region of lakes Baringo and Bogoria is characterized by scarce vegetation, alternating with cultivated fields and pastures up to immerse itself in a landscape of earth and shrubs surrounded by hills of volcanic origin, which begins to herald the desert .

Lake Baringo is a habitat full of life: in fact, here we can admire various species of birds, fish, hippos and coccorilli. Lake Bogoria, on the other hand, with its highly alkaline waters is unable to accommodate life except for a few species of Cyclades fish and the renowned pink flamingos . A unique population of its kind has settled in the surroundings of Lake Baringo, the t ribù Njemps , dedicated to sheep farming and fishing.

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at Lake Baringo and Bogoria

Lake Baringo is located in the northern part of the Rift Valley and, like Lake Bogoria, it is quite distant from the classic busiest tourist routes and is therefore able to offer you the opportunity to find yourself alone admiring the landscape and nature wild.

Lake Bogoria is of volcanic origin and is still active, in the western part of the lake there are geysers and natural thermal pools . The Bogoria reserve is a real attraction for ornithologists and photography enthusiasts, as there are around 135 different bird species in its territory. In addition, there are large kudus, zebras, jaguars, hyenas, impalas and other small animals, especially in the early morning or evening when temperatures are less hot.

In addition to the splendid wild specimens, Lake Bogoria has the highest concentration of natural geysers in all of Africa. Recently these two lakes have been the focus of research and studies by climatologists and scientists who denounce the imminent possibility, due to deforestation and the abundant rains that rage in the area in recent years, that these two bodies of water they merge together.

The melting of their waters would be lethal for the ecosystem of Lake Baringo which is home to many animal and plant species. In fact, the highly alkaline waters of Lake Bogoria would leave no way of life except for algae, Cyclades and pink flamingos.

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