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Coast of Kenya

Coast of Kenya: a 500 km long paradise.

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Coast of Kenya

With a length of over 500 km and lapped by the fascinating Indian Ocean, the Kenyan coast has a great variety of corals that form unique reefs. The most noteworthy are those of Malindi , Watamu and Shimo la Tewa .

The Kenyan coast is also dotted with sandy beaches, these can be found especially in the southern part of the region. There are also the Lamu archipelago , to the north, and other islands on the border with Tanzania. Hydrography of the Kenyan coast has several waterways including: the Tana River and the Galana River which, after reaching and passing the city of Malindi, flow into the Indian Ocean. These waterways are characterized by shores covered with forests whose biological heritage is considered to be of inestimable value.

Inland, the morphology from the Kenyan coast rises rapidly towards the Yatta plateau , which separates the northern plains from the semi-desert region of Tsavo . Here the landscape is dotted with hills and monolithic mountains, up to the foot of Kilimanjaro, the highest African mountain, whose summit is part of the Tanzanian territory.

Further north of the Yatta plateau are the deserts that flow into the Somali region.

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Coast of Kenya

If you come to visit the Kenyan coast you cannot fail to admire the majestic Mount Kenya , the second highest African peak, and the vast savannas and grasslands inhabited by the Masai warrior people , Mount Marsabit. The Rift Valley itself is a spectacle of nature: here you can visit the Mau and Baringo mountain ranges.

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